Why Safe Zone CM Should be a Part of Your Organization’s Violence Response Plan

What we know about active shooter and workplace attacks:

  • The attacker has the initial advantage—because he or they planned and initiated the attack
  • The duration of most violent attacks is 7 minutes or less
  • Police arrive on the scene after the attack is over about 60% of the time

What we know about civilian response to active shooter and workplace attacks:

  • The attacker has the initial advantage—because he or they planned and initiated the attack
  • The actions ordinary people take in a crisis can positively affect the outcome
  • People trained in violence response can take back the advantage from assailant(s)

How can ordinary people defend themselves and others if they have to fight back?

  • Firearms in the hands of civilians pose too great a risk to bystanders in most corporate, manufacturing, educational, faith and healthcare settings
  • Throwing objects at a violent assailant is a last resort
  • Wasp spray is for insects, it has little effect on people (see the video here)

Safe Zone CM™ is a powerful, non-lethal pepper gel intended for use as a self-defense countermeasure in the event of an active shooter or violent attack. Proper deployment of Safe Zone CM can temporarily incapacitate a violent person, allowing for evacuation and police to arrive, yet won’t permanently harm bystanders if they are exposed.

  • Projects up to 25 feet, which means you don’t have to get close to an armed or violent person to disrupt their actions.
  • OC can temporarily effect vision making it harder for a person to aim at others.
  • Full, 16 ounce canister of pepper gel provides enough OC to coat one assailant or multiple assailants.
  • Red color of the gel can coat goggles or masks.
  • Simple operation requires only gross motor skills.
  • With training, virtually anyone can use Safe Zone CM effectively.
  • Unlike wasp spray or fire extinguishers, Safe Zone CM pepper gel is specifically designed to effect the eyes, skin and respiratory function of humans and animals.

Safe Zone CM Civilian Defense System

  • Safe Zone CM is housed in wall-mountable steel cabinets with a choice of access control options, including an exterior electronic keypad lock, and an interior alarm + external security tag to prevent tampering.
  • Safe Zone CM is now available with a bleeding control trauma kit to treat mass casualty victims until emergency responders arrive.
  • Safe Zone CM is also available as a bracket mounted unit for areas that do not
    require a high level of security, or for mounting in concealed areas.
  • To be installed in strategic locations throughout a facility for access by any, or
    designated personnel.
  • Safe Zone CM is easily integrated into existing active shooter or emergency response plans.
  • Proprietary training in the use of Safe Zone CM and appropriate use of OC products (pepper gel) is required with purchase.
  • With training, Safe Zone CM can be used effectively by virtually anyone regardless of physical ability or disability.
  • Use and possession of OC (pepper gel) is restricted to those 18 years and older
  • Safe Zone CM is the first non-lethal OC defense product intended for use by trained, authorized civilian personnel to fight back against violence without permanently injuring bystanders.

Visit the Buy Safe Zone CM page for more detailed information on each model.