About Us

aboutusThe unprecedented massacre of young children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012 was a wake-up call for many Americans, including the founders of Alternative Defense Strategies LLC.  ADS was started by three members of the Childs family in January 2013, soon after the events in Newtown, Connecticut. Bruce Childs, a commercial construction manager and father of two school-age boys, his sister Lori O’Neill, a marketing professional and gun violence prevention expert, and their nephew, Byron Childs, a police officer who responded to a school shooting, formed the company to give ordinary people the ability to defend themselves and others during violent attacks without harming bystanders.

After more than a year of research and development, in April 2014, ADS introduced Safe Zone CM™ a powerful, long-distance pepper gel defense system intended for use by civilians to disrupt violence during the critical period of time between when an attack starts and safety forces arrive, giving the people under attack an opportunity to evacuate or take down the assailant.  Safe Zone CM easily integrates into existing emergency response protocols, and with training, can be used effectively by people of all skill levels.

The Safe Zone CM line of non-lethal defense products is now available in four models, with different access control options, and the newest, “Defend & Treat,” which includes a bleeding control trauma kit to treat gunshot, knife or bomb victims until emergency medical professionals can take over care.

ADS strongly recommends training in the use of Safe Zone CM by all designated operators of the system, and offers proprietary training to help integrate the products into existing emergency response protocols.  We also offer an instructor certification program to train-the-trainer for larger organizations and law enforcement professionals.