Case Study: Student with Pepper Spray Stops Shooter at Washington University

seattleuniversityOn June 5, 2014 an armed man entered a building at Seattle Pacific University outside Seattle, Washington and opened fire, injuring three people and killing one. Unbeknownst to the shooter, Jon Meis, a student and volunteer building monitor, was also there that day. Jon was carrying a canister of pepper spray and he deployed it at the shooter when he stopped to reload his gun. The pepper spray disabled the shooter long enough for Jon and a group of fellow students to tackle and restrain him until police arrived. Jon’s courage and use of pepper spray likely saved lives that day. His actions certainly stopped the violence, and allowed safety forces to apprehend the assailant.

Jon Meis’ deployment of a small canister of pepper spray helped stop a violent attack, showing that OC products, such as the Sabre Red™ pepper gel in Safe Zone CM™, can play a role in disrupting violent events.