Non-lethal Defense Product Strengthens Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Response Protocols for Companies, Manufacturers

One of the challenges for HR and Environmental Health and Safety professionals charged with developing active shooter and workplace violence response plans is how to provide employees with a way to defend themselves without the risks posed by putting firearms into the corporate or manufacturing environment. Knowing that police arrive after an attack is over about 60% of the time, if your facility is attacked, you and your employees are the first responders. Studies of active shooter attacks show that people who fight back during violent attacks reduce the number of injuries and deaths to employees, customers and bystanders.
But, how can employees defend themselves without causing unintended harm to others? Alternative Defense Strategies, LLC (ADS), offers a line of powerful, yet non-lethal pepper gel defense products that bridge the gap between the risk posed by firearms, and having no way to defend against a violent assailant.
Safe Zone CM™ contains a specially formulated pepper gel that can temporarily incapacitate a violent assailant, allowing employees to evacuate or time for police to respond, without permanently injuring others. The pepper gel projects up to 25′ — preventing the need to get close to an armed or violent person, yet won’t spread throughout the facility. The Safe Zone CM pepper gel is housed in a wall-mountable steel cabinet locked to prevent unauthorized access, but easily opened by designated personnel, and is available in four models, with different access control options, depending on where the cabinets are installed. The newest model includes a bleeding control trauma kit to treat mass casualty victims until emergency medical help arrives, increasing survivability for the gravely injured.
Safe Zone CM can be installed under reception or security desks, in safe rooms, offices, conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, shipping areas, or anywhere an attack may occur. The product offers a defense option most organizations don’t have today, and is easily integrated into existing active shooter and workplace violence response protocols. Alternative Defense Strategies also offers an optional live training package to teach designated operators how to use the product effectively.
Safe Zone CM has been adopted by Fortune 500 companies, manufacturers, small and mid-size businesses, houses of worship and faith-based organizations, county and municipal offices, and K-12 schools to strengthen their security programs.
Alternative Defense Strategies LLC (ADS) produces non-lethal defense products and training to disrupt violence during active shooter and violent attacks without causing permanent injury to bystanders. Intended to bridge the gap between the risk posed by firearms and having no way to defend against a violent assailant, Safe Zone CM™ strengthens existing active shooter response protocols, and, with training, can be used effectively by virtually anyone of any skill level. Simply put, Safe Zone CM is like a fire extinguisher for violence.